Casino Parties

When YOU want the BEST!

Entpro Entertainment has been in operation since April 1st, 2003.

We are a family owned and operated in central Missouri.

Our current client base stretches across Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Chicago and Orlando. 

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Themed Events

Big Wheel Grand Prix

Tropical Paradise

Blacklight Bingo!



Kings n Queens Casino

Junkyard Lazer Tag

....Should I go on?

Where we started.

My name is Greg Hill. 


I am the owner of a Family owned and operated entertainment business that delivers quality entertainment for company parties, fundraisers, holiday events and private VIP .

Casino parties have been our trademark but also have other cool party themes top satisfy your taste.

EntPro is NOT a rental company.   

We bring the entertainment to you.  

EntPro will setup your event with the props and decor depending on your theme, and take the decor down after the event! 

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